20 Shocking Things Possible With Aquafaba (Amazing Cheap Vegan Item)


You may have heard of aquafaba (‘water-bean’) by now. Who would have thought that the next big thing to sweep across the vegan nation would have been something as simple – and as icky – as the brine from legumes? It might have something to do with the fact that not only is this liquid shaping out to be the perfect egg replacer, it’s also one of the cheapest and most accessible replacers around – all you need is a can, or packet, of legumes, chickpeas being the bean du jour.

Using juice straight from the can is the easiest method, though slowly cooking dried beans in water for a few hours until the water turns to aquafaba will give you similar results. Even water from packaged tofu and peas is aquafaba!

Remember, if your bean-juice is too watery, reduce it until it turns the same consistency as egg whites. If using aquafaba to make fluffy things like Yorkshire puddings and light cakes, remember to whisk it first until it turns white and foamy, then fold it into the batter using a metal spoon to keep those bubbles from popping. Use three tablespoons of aquafaba per egg – but don’t live by that rule.

Learn more about this magic formula and its originsdocument your experiments and most importantly – get creative! Here are our top aquafaba recipes to get you started.

1) Simple meringues

Vegan Meringue

Vegan meringues! This is where the fun originally started, whipping up the bean foam to create something so alike to its eggy counterpart. A simple aquafaba meringue recipe can be found here, while the above image demonstrates Vegan Lass‘s scrumptious addition of vegan lemon curd. Get her recipe here.

2) Pavlova

Vegan Pavlova from Likeavegan.com

If you can make vegan meringues, you can make yummy vegan pavlovas too. Get the recipe here.

3) Lemon meringue pie

Image from thegentlechef.com

With the news that some vegan restaurants in the States are already starting to roll out aquafaba-inspired lemon meringue pies, you could wait until your local cafe cottons on… or not! Get the recipe here.

4) Mousse au chocolat

Mousse au chocolat

This chocolatey delight even has air bubbles. Get the recipe here.

5) Nougat and fudge

From Vegan Meringues - Hits and Misses: http://bit.ly/nougatvegan

Try Goose’s experimental nougat recipe here, or have a look at Tina’s great divinity fudge recipe, here.

6) Baked Alaska

From lucysfriendlyfoods.wordpress.com

Chocolate sponge, ice cream and meringue – how can you say no to this godly combination? Get the recipe here.

7) Strawberry ice cream

From: http://bit.ly/icecreamaquafaba

“Once that liquid starts fluffing up, it becomes addictive!”. Get the recipe for fluffy ice cream here.

8) Buttercream

From geekycakes.com

All made possible with the magic of aquafaba. Get the recipe here.

9) Marshmallow fluff

From Chocolatecoveredkatie.com

Another thing you can use as frosting, stick in ‘s’mores’ or eat out of the bowl! Get the recipe here.

10) Brownies

From: frieddandelions.com/perfect-brownies/

Yep, adding whisked aquafaba to baked goods like brownies and muffins does wonders for a moist consistency. Get the recipe for ‘perfect brownies’ here.

11) Macarons

From floralfrosting.blogspot.co.uk

The possibilities with macarons are endless. Try the awesome snickers macarons pictured above, or perhaps these cookie dough macarons will take your fancy?

12) Mayo


It’s not all about the sugar. Aquafaba also gives mayo that extra oomph. Get the recipe here.

13) ‘Egg white’ cocktails

Vegan cocktail

Aquafaba immitates egg whites so you can replace it in all your favourite cocktail recipes!
Find some recipe inspiration here.

14) Chocolate chip soda bread

Soda bread\

Traditional Irish soda bread but vegan, and with chocolate chips instead
of raisins! Recipe available here.

15) Mozzarella cheese

Vegan mozzarella

Vegan. Mozarrella. Cheese. Need we say any more? Find out how to make it here.

16) Kitkat bars

vegan kitkat

Kitkats without the cruelty! Recipe available here.

17) Marzipan fruits

Marzipan fruit

Unfortunately it won’t count towards your 5-a-day, but it will astound and delight your mates! Recipe available in the Facebook post here.

18) Butter


Super creamy vegan butter! Find the recipe here.

19) Aioli

Vegan aioli

Basically a creamy garlic dip, a bit like garlic mayo. Yes, please! Recipe here.

20) Hazelnut almond dacquoise

hazelnut almond dacquoise

This really is a showstopper! Recipe available here.

Additional aquafaba take-aways

Budding vegan chefs have generally found that using the juice from low-sodium white beans tastes the best, with chickpeas (garbanzo beans) being the preferred legume of choice.

You can use the juice in which you boil you beans, or take it straight from the can.


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